About The Foundation

The Steven M. Perez Foundation has been established to celebrate the life of Steven Perez. The goal of the foundation is to spread the essence of his life and his zest for fun-filled experiences to other young people.

He was suddenly stricken in June 2003 with an advanced and usually fatal form of leukemia. Even this harrowing diagnosis could not extinguish his desire to make every moment worthwhile. In the few short weeks he survived the devastating disease, he played golf, bought new clothes and gifts for co-workers, and enjoyed the company of friends and family, living every moment to the fullest.

We will encourage the recipients of the foundation funds to find happiness in their future and a path leading them to that goal which will be lit by Steven’s ever-present smile and your generous donations.

The foundation is organized and managed by family members with the help of close friends. The goal of the Steven M. Perez Foundation will be to help people who have been directly or indirectly affected by leukemia and other related cancers. Funds raised in his name will continue to be invested to help ensure fewer patients and their families are affected by these devastating diseases.

The foundation primarily invests in a broad array of charitable activities associated with leukemia or related cancers. We have established a scholarship fund for college bound high school seniors who have battled leukemia and related diseases and/or for family members who may have lost a sibling or parent to these devastating diseases. We continue to provide an opportunity for young cancer patients and their families to enjoy the experience of being together at camps geared towards promoting a better life for the patient and their loved ones. In the future we will further our goals to extend to other worthwhile projects and look for new ways to promote awareness about leukemia and other related cancers. We truly appreciate all of our donor support that has helped to fulfill his dreams and ensure our ability to pay tribute to his memory.

Board of Directors

Committee Members

Rick Perez

Dana Elhai

Eric Schiff

Rachel Perez

Jesse Elhai

Glen Hechler

Jr. Committee Members

Haley Perez

Sarah Perez

Carly Elhai

Jaxon Elhai

Mollie Schiff


Natalie Schiff

Noah Schiff

Ryan Schiff

Dylan Genatt

Justin Genatt