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April 2022:The Steven M. Perez Scholarship continues to be awarded to deserving high school students. We remain open for additional candidates. Over the past years, we have provided over 225 scholarships for a total over $300,000.

April 2022:We partnered with the Koenig Childhood Cancer Foundation (see below) to provide direct financial assistance to two families battling cancer.

April 2022:Referred to a family with a single mom who has leukemia and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and has had multiple surgeries and was near death from COVID. Providing direct financial assistance as difficult to make ends meet for her and her 3 boys.

March 2022:Proud sponsor of Sunrise Day Camp and the Sunrise on Wheels Program. We donated $36,000 for campers to attend camp this summer and continue to sponsor the Wheels Program bringing joy directly to the hospital for some amazing patients as they fight their personal battles.

January 2022:Supported Grahamtastic Connection – This is the perfect time to support a child with cancer or other serious illness who may otherwise miss out on a crucial connection to their school, family, friends and medical team. Donated $7,500 for laptops and Ipads to patients in need and who want to be reconnected.

December 2021:The Foundation supported Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine and matched the first $5,000 they raised in a holiday campaign to send packages to patients and families. Camp Sunshine is an amazing organization that provides a week-long experience for patients and their families to enjoy time together and share experiences with other families living through similar circumstances.

November 2021:2 local New Jersey families were referred to SMP that are battling blood related cancers. Wishing both of the young patientd good health and much love.

September 2021:We were proud to continue our partnership with Camp Ronald McDonald by donating $10,000 to sponsor patients to attend a virtual summer camp experience. See summary in Newsletter.

August 2021:Signed contract with Brookville Country Club for the 19th Annual El Rey Banana Golf Outing on Monday July 11, 2022. Please visit to get all the information about registering, sponsoring or donating to be a part of this special day.

July 2021:The 18th Annual El Rey Banana Golf Outing raised over $130,000 on July 12th at Brookville Country Club. Another amazing day to see friends, have fun and get together to remember Steven and the impact he had on us all. Brookville is welcoming us back and we hope to see you on Monday July 11th at Brookville Country Club for another great event. Please visit the website to register today.

April 2011:Yankee Opening Day was amazing at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx. We sponsored baseball festivities, giveaways, a ballpark menu and Yankee ticket giveaways for the young patients at Montefiore. The kids had a great day and enjoyed a great game and Yankee victory.

March 2011:Our Black and White Winter Event was a huge success and raised over $50,000 to continue our efforts to raise awareness and provide an opportunity for deserving patients and their families to "Live Life to the Fullest". Thank you to all who donated and attended and made the event even more special.

February 2011:In 2011:the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society patient requests for financial aid has nearly doubled and in the first 8 months of their fiscal year they have already exceeded their total budget from last year. The Steven M. Perez has responded by committing to raising our 2011:donation to $15,000 which will be distributed among 100 NYC patients.

January 2011:A special thank you to Stephen Hirsch for arranging an amazing night in New York City for young local patients to meet baseball celebrities and be honored at the New York Chapter's dinner for the Baseball Writers' Association of America Awards gala. We are proud to partner with Steve and to provide the opportunity for these young deserving patients to live their lives to the fullest and forget even for a few minutes about the battles they are facing.

December 2010:We were proud to continue our partnership with Camp Ronald McDonald by sponsoring 6 deserving patients to attend a summer camp experience while continuing to get the required medicalassistance and treatments throughout the experience.

November 2010:A big congratulations to Scott Redler and his team for running the NYC Marathon in honor of his mother and a big shout out to David Adler for running in Steven's memory - he is looking down andsmiling every step of the way

August 2010:Our triathletes are hard at work and so proud of Chris Singleton and Johny Rothschild as they completed and finish their first Ironman.

July 2010:The 7th Annual El Rey Banana Golf Outing raised almost $100,000 on July 12th at Tam O'Shanter Country Club in Brookville, NY. Another amazing day to see friends, have fun and get together to remember Steven and the impact he had on us all.

June 2010:The Steven M. Perez Scholarship was awarded to 17 deserving high school students for a total of $25,000 and makes our grand total of almost 80 scholarships for a total approaching $100,000.

June 2010:The Genatt, Schiff and Perez families were proud to participate in the Walk to Help the Sun Rise, a non-competitive activity for people of all ages at Sunrise Day Camp. This year was particularly rewarding as after we were acknowledged by the Camp Director 3 of the young, deserving patients and their families reminded us how good it feels to be able to provide this opportunity to these young deserving patients. Their appreciation was so heartfelt and the camp experience and special services they provide means the world to each of the campers.

May 2010:Proud sponsor of Sunrise Day Camp in Wheatley Heights, NY. We sponsored 8 campers to attend the summer 2010:session and continue to find new ways to partner with Sunrise Day Camp.

May 2010:Proud to sponsor the Patient Aid program and partner with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We sponsored close to 70 families to help reduce the financial burden of high prescription costs, transportation expenses and special services that the patients require as they battle these devastating diseases.

April 2010:The Foundation supported Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine with $15,000 for 2010:. Camp Sunshine is an amazing organization that provides a week-long experience for patients and their families to enjoy time together and share experiences with other families living through similar circumstances.

April 2010:Eric Schiff and our friends at the NY Mets continue to have tremendous success working with the American Cancer Society and other not-for-profits to provide thousands of tickets for young patients and their families to attend Mets games at Citi Field throughout the season.

January 2010:Thanks to Craig and Melissa Giordano, The Foundation was connected to Steven Hirsch who so generously organized two sponsored tables at The Baseball Writer's Association of America (BBWAA) Dinner for some very lucky patients. This was truly a dream come true for some of the patients that were healthy and fortunate enough to attend.

January 2010:Steven Dixon put us back in touch with an old friend, J. Gold, giving us the opportunity to help his young son Austin who is fighting Leukemia. We hope our donation helped bring a smile and some fun to Austin and his family.

November 2008:Poker Night on the 10h at Brother Jimmy's

August 2008:The Foundation welcomes Chace Redler and Sean Singleton as our future triathletes

August 2008:Camp Sunrise dedication of plaque and playground to the Foundation

August 2008:Chris Singleton Swim for Life and congrats to Chris and Scott on a successful completion of the NYC Triathlon

July 2008:Our Fifth annual Golf Outing on July 14th was another amazing day raising over $130,000

July 2008:Supported Camp Ronald McDonald and helped 10 campers have a great summer.

June 2008:Awarded 6 scholarships to some very deserving students

June 2008:Annie Epstein's set up a lemonade stand on the West Side and generously donated to the Foundation in Steven's memory

June 2008:Walk at Camp Sunrise attended by the Perezes, Isabel, the Genatt's and Schiff's

June 2008:Jen Berk made her bartending debut at Rewind with proceeds going to SMP

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